Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enlightenment is the new “sexy.”

Each day brings us further along in our transformation to higher consciousness. Right now many of you reading this may be going through the “letting go” phase as you morph and adapt to better fit in with the changing vibes that now will bring Earth and her inhabitants closer to a celestial awakening. This will allow us to experience life beyond the material world.  We are opening up to the field of energy or light that ushers in the Age of Enlightenment.

Our gradual shift into the now open doors of the higher dimensions beyond the third dimension of materialism will enhance our sensitivity to frequency.  Everything even to blades of grass or your morning cup of coffee possesses a distinct vibration or frequency. The more responsive and sensitive to frequency we become the more we start to adjust our personal vibrations. Our fine tuning will redefine our relationship to the material world along with recalibrating the energy attachments we have to people, places, and things.  Our attachments have an “emotional umbilical” cord of sorts to them that often times scares us when it comes to “let go.” By being tethered to material things, unhealthy relationships that don’t serve you any growth or other lower vibrations that are barely humming along, only hinders your experience of venturing toward expanded consciousness.

We get addicted to comfortable routines, predictable outcomes and even certain kinds of sadness or depression.  Depression does just what the word implies-it depresses your frequency; keeps you at a mid-range frequency and shuts you down to the possibility of anything outside of your comfort zone.  Living in a 3-dimensional box can get quite boring, don’t you agree?

The word apocalypse scares a lot of us because we associate it with endings.  The word apocalypse has it origins in the Greek word apokálypsis which means revelation, equivalent to apokalýp (tein) to uncover, reveal.  It is the lifting of the veil between the worlds of three dimensional consciousness to expose the dimensions of higher spiritual knowing. It is often through our own personal apocalypse that we learn how to let go of what is no longer viable energy for us.  Maybe a job that ends was a dead end job to begin with; a relationship that harbors insecurities, resentment and fear keeps you in victim consciousness until it reaches a final conclusion. Endings give you the opportunity to grow because every ending offers within itself a brand new beginning. Spirit energy will always push you to advance your own vibration in keeping with the evolutionary laws of the Universe even if it seems like a hard lesson. No pain no gain.

As our planet, Earth, approaches the inner realms of the Milky Way Galaxy we will be exposed to a new environment that operates primarily from the faster frequencies that well surpasses the hard, definable, three dimensional world of weights and measures. It is here that we get to experience all the expanded, extrasensory features of our spirit essence sans the restrictive dogma that still vibes to organized rules and restrictions. We are moving toward the light and I guess that it is safe to say that enlightenment is the new “sexy.”